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Wärtsilä Services supports its customers by offering the most comprehensive portfolio of services in the industry, thereby optimising their operations and the lifecycle performance of their installations.

Our service network is the broadest in the industry, consisting of over 11,000 service professionals in more than 160 locations in over 70 countries globally. We offer expertise, local availability, responsiveness, and the most environmentally sound solutions for all customers, regardless of the make of their equipment.

We focus on three key elements for optimal lifecycle efficiency:

  • Performance optimisation
    Longer term strategies are aimed at improving the efficiency of our customers' businesses. Our wide service offering facilitates the performance optimisation of our customers' systems, thereby enabling a reduction in both fuel costs and emissions, while also extending maintenance intervals.
  • Preventing the unexpected
    Reliable, continuous performance is essential for our customers. We strive, therefore, to secure the operational reliability of our customers' installations and offer them access to the highest quality of services. Our flexible solutions minimise downtime and optimise availability in a cost-efficient way.
  • Environmental efficiency
    Environmental legislation and energy efficiency are currently major concerns for our customers. We offer several sustainable solution options that enable a reduced environmental impact and improved operational efficiency.


Lifecycle efficiency


Our services offering

We aim to develop close relationships with our customers, thus enabling us to gain an in-depth understanding of their business, and to extend our offering accordingly. Our Services business provides full and complete support for both Ship Power and Power Plants installations, and is based primarily on the equipment sold and designed by Wärtsilä, including engines, propulsion systems, and electrical and automation systems. However, Wärtsilä Services has the capability to retrofit and service other brands as well.

We are continuously developing our existing competences while also building new competences in strategic growth areas, such as electrics & automation, the oil & gas and offshore industries, and in environmental solutions. Expanding our offering by developing our portfolio through innovations will continue to be our focus in the future. Further growth is sought by strengthening our service offering in response to our customers' increased interest in partnerships, thereby providing both customers and Wärtsilä with lower costs and improved operational efficiencies.

Our areas of expertise include:

Engine services

We provide a full range of services for medium- and low-speed gas and diesel engines and other related systems. We offer these services for both Wärtsilä and other engine brands, and they comprise everything from standard engine overhauls to optimisation retrofits that improve the performance of older engine designs.

Propulsion services

We offer a complete range of services for propulsion systems throughout the lifecycle of an installation. Propulsion improvements enable the fuel efficiency of vessels to be optimised and offshore rig reliability.

Electrical & automation services

Electrical and automation services include the maintenance and upgrade of all types of control and automation systems for power plants, marine applications and oil and gas installations, as well as for power plant and vessel safety systems. We provide a range of services from instrumentation to turnkey engineering packages, and modernisation or conversion projects.

Boiler services

We provide a comprehensive range of boiler services, including inspection services, condition based services, and spare parts for all types of boiler plants, as well as for economisers and their control systems.

Environmental services

We offer an extensive set of environmental services to both land based power plants and ship installations. Our portfolio includes products and solutions ranging from those aimed at reducing various air emissions and the adaption to different fuels, to ballast water treatment and other water solutions.

Service agreements

We tailor our service agreements to the customers' needs, letting them choose from different levels of partnership. Supply agreements ensure the global logistical delivery of spares parts and guarantee the availability of service professionals. Technical management agreements include regular inspections, monthly reporting, and exchange programmes for spare parts. In our maintenance agreements, we provide fixed prices for inspections, technical support, spare parts, training and maintenance work, while operations and maintenance agreements can cover full operational, management and maintenance services, as well as installation performance guarantees.

Service projects

Our project management capabilities enable us to optimise the performance of our customers' installations through upgrades, modernisations, fuel conversions and safety solutions, while allowing customers to concentrate on their core business.

Training services

Our training services cover all aspects of management, operational, maintenance and safety issues, and range from traditional hands-on training to advanced remote training systems and e-learning opportunities.


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