"Power production at land and at sea is a big responsibility. Efficiency, reliability and sustainability are vital."

"We place big emphasis on maintaining solid profitability."

"Great talent brings greater potential - investing in people goes a long way!"

"Everyone talks solutions, we provide them."

"You can’t be the biggest unless you make sure you’re the best."

"Sustainability represents a constantly evolving set of challenges, but in those challenges our future business lies."

"Whether it’s LNG as a marine fuel or Smart Power Generation, Wärtsilä is clearly a company with great opportunities."

"With great power comes great responsibility."

"Supporting our customers: anytime, anywhere."

Björn Rosengren

President & CEO of Wärtsilä Corporation since 1 September 2011. Born 1959, M.Sc. (Tech.). Joined the company in 2011.

Primary working experience
Various positions within ESAB Group 1985-1995; GM of Nordhydraulic, Nordwin AB, Sweden 1995-1998; President of the Atlas Copco Craelius division 1998-2001; President of Atlas Copco Rock Drilling Equipment division 2001-2002; Senior Executive Vice President Atlas Copco AB and Business Area President for Construction and Mining Technique 2002-2011.

Positions of trust
Danfoss A/S, Denmark; HTC AB, Sweden; Höganäs AB, Sweden; Member of the boards.

Raimo Lind

Deputy to the CEO since 2005. CFO and Senior Executive Vice President since 1998. Born 1953, M.Sc. (Econ.). Employed by the company 1976-1989 and rejoined in 1998.

Primary working experience
Wärtsilä Group, positions within control and finance and in development and internationalisation 1976-1980; Wärtsilä Diesel Group, Vice President & Controller 1980-1984; Wärtsilä Singapore, Managing Director & Area Director 1984-1988; Wärtsilä Service Division, Deputy Vice President 1988-1989; Scantrailer Ajoneuvoteollisuus Oy, President 1990-1992; Tamrock Oy, CFO 1992-1993; Tamrock Service Business, Vice President 1994-1996; Tamrock Coal Business, Vice President 1996-1997.

Positions of trust
Elisa Oyj, Chairman of the Board; Sato Oyj, Deputy Chairman of the Board; Wilhelm Wahlforss foundation and The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, Member of the Boards; Confederation of Finnish Industries, Member of the Supervisory Board.

Prior positions of trust
Member of the Board: Polar Kiinteistöt.

Päivi Castrén

Executive Vice President, Human Resources as of 1 January 2012. Born 1958, M.Sc. (Soc. Sc.). Joined the company in 2005.

Primary working experience
Valmet Paper Machinery, HR manager 1988-1995; Nokia Networks, HR manager 1995-1998; Nokia Networks, Networks Systems division, HR Director 1999-2000: Nokia Networks, HR Director 2000-2002; Nokia Corporation, Director, Human Resources, Nokia Finland 2002-2005; Wärtsilä Corporation, Vice President, Human Resources 2005-2011.

Positions of trust
Confederation of Finnish Industries, EK, Chairman of the Committee of Education, Work and Employment; Confederation of Technology Industries, Chairman of the Committee of Education and Employment; Wilhelm Wahlforss Foundation, Chairman of the Board; AinoActive Oy, Member of the Board.

Jaakko Eskola

President, Ship Power & Executive Vice President since 2006. Born 1958, M.Sc. (Eng.). Joined the company in 1998.

Primary working experience
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Researcher 1983-1984; Industrialization Fund of Finland, Corporate Analyst 1984-1986; National Banking Group, various managerial positions in international project finance 1986-1997; PCA Corporate Finance, Executive Director 1997-1998; Wärtsilä Development & Financial Services Oy, President 1998-2005; Wärtsilä Corporation, Vice President, Power Plants Sales & Marketing 2005-2006.

Prior positions of trust
President of the European Marine Equipment Council (EMEC), 2008-2011.

Lars Hellberg

President, PowerTech & Executive Vice President since 2004. Born 1959, B.Sc. (Eng.). Joined the company in 2004.

Primary working experience
Volvo Cars AB, Research Engine Engineer and Project Manager in Vehicle development programmes; Volvo Car Operations BV, Vice President, Industrial Operations, Vice President of Global Business & Volume Optimization, General Manager 1979-2001; Saab Automotive AB, Executive Director for the Customer Satisfaction and Quality division and a Member of the Board of Management 2001-2004.

Positions of trust
Fortaco Group Oy and Lunab AB, Member of the Boards.

Kari Hietanen

Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations & Legal Affairs. Secretary of the Board of Directors. Born 1963, LL.M. Joined the company in 1989.

Primary working experience
Metra Corporation and Wärtsilä Diesel Group, Legal Counsel 1989-1994; Wärtsilä Diesel Group, General Counsel 1994-1999; Wärtsilä, Group General Counsel 2000-2002. Group Vice President, Human Resources and Legal Affairs 2002-2011.

Positions of trust
German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce and Finnish-Korean Trade Association, Deputy Chairman of the Boards; East Office of Finnish Industries Ltd, Member of the Board; Confederation of Finnish Industries, Chairman of the Trade Policy Committee.

Atte Palomäki

Executive Vice President, Communications & Branding since 2008. Born 1965, M.Sc. (Pol.). Joined the company in 2008.

Primary working experience
MTV3, News anchor 1993-1995; News producer 1995-2000; Senior economic correspondent 2000-2002; Kauppalehti, Senior business correspondent 2002-2005; Nordea Bank AB (publ.), Chief communications officer, Finland 2005-2006; Group chief press officer 2007-2008.

Positions of trust
Talentum Oyj, Member of the Board; Finnfacts, Member of the Advisory Board.

Vesa Riihimäki

President, Power Plants & Executive Vice President since 2009. Born 1966, M.Sc. (Eng.). Joined the company in 1992.

Primary working experience
Wärtsilä Diesel Oy, Design Engineer, Projects 1992-1993; and Chief Design Engineer, Projects 1993-1997; Wärtsilä NSD Finland Oy, Design Manager, Electrical Systems 1997-2000; Wärtsilä Finland Oy, Design Manager Power Generation Systems 2000-2002, General Manager, Electrical & Automation Systems 2002-2003 and Vice President, Power Plant Technology 2004-2009.

Christoph Vitzthum

President, Services & Executive Vice President since 2009. Born 1969, M.Sc. (Econ.). Joined the company in 1995.

Primary working experience
Metra Finance, Foreign Exchange Dealer 1995-1997; Wärtsilä NSD Corporation, Power Plants, Business Controller 1997-1999; Wärtsilä Corporation, Ship Power, Vice President, Finance & Control 1999-2002; Wärtsilä Propulsion, President 2002-2006; Group Vice President, Wärtsilä Power Plants 2006-2009.

Positions of trust
NCC Ab, Member of the Board.

Prior positions of trust
Board chairmanship: WADE (World Alliance for Decentralized Energy) 2008-2009.
Board membership: Tamfelt Oyj Abp 2009.