Stakeholder relations

Wärtsilä aims to engage in an open and constructive dialogue with its various stakeholders. Wärtsilä takes actively care of its relations with stakeholders and develops its activities, products and services based on the feedback received from them. At the corporate level, Wärtsilä has defined its most important stakeholders to be its customers, owners, suppliers, employees and the society. Wärtsilä's subsidiaries define their own primary stakeholders which, in addition to the ones mentioned above, include local residents close to production plants, educational institutes and public authorities. The priorities in managing stakeholder relations vary within Wärtsilä from one subsidiary to another. Wärtsilä continuously enhances its reporting performance both on its own initiative and in response to feedback from its stakeholders.

Main expectations of Wärtsilä's stakeholders and Wärtsilä's goals



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