Wärtsilä in sustainable development indices

Wärtsilä is included in the following sustainability indices:

  • FTSE4Good Index
  • ASPI Eurozone® Index
  • OMX GES Sustainability Nordic Index and OMX GES Sustainability Finland Index

Wärtsilä has also been rated a Prime company by oekom research.

Wärtsilä, sustainability - FTSE4Good.jpgFTSE4Good Index Series is an equity index series that is designed to facilitate investment in companies that meet globally recognised corporate responsibility standards. The inclusion criteria are designed to help investors minimise social, environmental and governance risks, meeting stringent criteria on themes such as supply chain management, human rights, environmental management, climate change, and countering bribery.


Wärtsilä, sustainability - Aspi.jpgThe ASPI Eurozone® Index consists of the 120 listed Eurozone companies that perform best in social and environmental terms. The stocks are selected on the basis of the ratings of the European Corporate Social Responsibility Ratings Agency Vigeo.


OMXSUSTAIN_0211tuplat.jpgThe OMX GES Sustainability Nordic Index and the OMX GES Sustainability Finland Index are based on risk ratings, which are analyses of risks in the companies' methods of dealing with the environment, human rights and corporate governance. The analysis is based on international norms on Environmental, Social and Governance issues in accordance with the UN Principles for Responsible Investments. They evaluate both the companies' present status and readiness for the future. The analysis model is easy to implement and gives an immediate overview of a company's sustainability status, which can reduce investment risk. The Nordic sustainability index comprises the 50 best rated companies on the Nordic stock exchanges. The Finnish index comprises the 40 best rated companies on the Helsinki stock exchange.


Wärtsilä, sustainability - Oekom.gifOekom research awards Prime status to those companies which according to the oekom corporate rating are among the leaders in their industry and which meet industry-specific minimum requirements on the field of corporate responsibility.



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