Shares and shareholders

During January-June 2013, the volume of trades on the Nasdaq OMX exchange was 47,772,310 shares, equivalent to a turnover of EUR 1,707 million. Wärtsilä's shares are also traded on alternative exchanges, such as Chi-X, Turquoise and BATS. The total trading volume on these alternative exchanges was 25,177,359 shares.

Shares on the Nasdaq OMX Helsinki Stock Exchange
Number of Number of
shares and shares traded
30.6.2013 votes 1-6/2013
WRT1V 197 241 130 47 772 310
1.1. - 30.6.2013 High Low Average 1 Close
Share price 39.00 32.71 35.74 33.43
1 Trade-weighted average price
30.6.2013 30.6.2012
Market capitalisation, EUR million 6 594 5 087
Foreign shareholders, % 51.9 49.5

Flagging notifications

During the review period January-June 2013, Wärtsilä was informed of the following changes in ownership:

On 7 February, Wärtsilä was informed that Fiskars Corporation and Investor AB had completed the legal combination into a joint venture in accordance with a release published on 24 April 2012. At the time of the announcement, the total ownership for the joint company, Avlis AB, and its wholly owned subsidiary, Avlis Invest AB (formerly Instoria AB), was 42,948,325 or 21.77% of Wärtsilä’s share capital and votes. Fiskars owned 59.7% of Avlis AB and Investor 40.3%.


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