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During the third quarter, Wärtsilä received the internationally recognised Red Dot award for its new propulsion control panel design. The panel is a comprehensive system of levers and touch-sensitive interfaces, designed to suit all possible propulsion configurations for modern ships.

The Wärtsilä RT-flex58T version D ER-3 has successfully passed its type approval test, which verifies that it fulfils all classification society requirements. The low-speed engine is a further optimised version of the Wärtsilä RT-flex58T version D engine, with reduced power and greater fuel economy.

Progress with regards to type approvals for ballast water management systems continues. All testing of the AQUARIUS UV (ultraviolet) system has been completed, and type approval was received in December 2012. The AQUARIUS EC (electro-chlorination) based system was granted final approval status in May 2013.

Wärtsilä currently has the widest portfolio of exhaust gas cleaning systems for the removal of SOx, and the most extensive reference list on the market. The portfolio consists of open-loop, closed-loop, and hybrid systems. Wärtsilä has to date a total of 77 exhaust gas cleaning systems delivered or on order, for a total of 36 vessels.

During the review period Wärtsilä was granted a 10-year loan agreement totalling EUR 150 million from the European Investment Bank, and a 10-year loan agreement totalling EUR 50 million from the Nordic Investment Bank for research and development financing. With these loans, Wärtsilä will further develop its medium-speed engine technology in terms of efficiency, reliability and environmental performance, while focusing on reducing the lifecycle costs of installations.

After the review period, in October, Wärtsilä introduced a new series of steerable and transverse thrusters. The new thrusters have been developed in response to changing market demand, requiring competitive products that are more efficient and cover a wider power range.


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