Wärtsilä Corporation Annual report 2014

Wärtsilä will provide solutions to various ground-breaking shipping projects that emerged during 2014. These projects include the world's first CNG carrier and several LNG-fuelled vessels.

Six world firsts in shipping

2014 saw the announcement of a number of world firsts in shipping, and as a leading provider of marine technologies and expertise, Wärtsilä was involved in a number of them. In fact, when the Maritime Insight web site published an analysis of the many ground-breaking vessels that emerged during the year, six of the ten examples cited were projects of ours.

Wärtsilä Ship Power’s 2014 world firsts, as described on the site, were as follows:

1. CNG carrier.

In October 2014, Hantong signed a shipbuilding contract with CIMC ENRIC SJZ GAS to build the world’s first CNG carrier, which will be operated by Perusahaan Listrik Negara, the Indonesian National Electric Company, to be used for natural gas transportation between the islands of Indonesia. The vessel will be designed by CIMC ORIC, using natural gas as power, and driven by a dual fuel main engine, with 110-meter length overall and 14-knots design speed. It is expected to be delivered in May 2016.

2. LNG bunkering vessel.

In July 2014, Nippon Yusen Kaisha signed a contract with Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Co. Ltd. in Korea to build the world’s first LNG bunkering vessel for the purpose of providing LNG to LNG-fuelled vessels. The vessel will be delivered in 2016, and will be based at the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium. The vessel will deliver LNG to vessels operating mainly in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

3. Gas-powered car carrier.

In November 2014, United European Car Carriers signed a contract for the construction of two LNG-powered Pure Car/Truck Carriers. They represent the first such vessels globally to be fitted with an LNG propulsion system. When in service, they will be capable of completing a fourteen-day round trip in the Baltic operating solely on LNG, including main engine and auxiliary power generation.

4. LNG-powered harbour tug.

Drydocks World and Dubai Maritime City entered into a Memoranda of Understanding with Wärtsilä and the Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence for building the world’s first LNG powered harbor tug. This landmark undertaking, in which the tug will have a dual-fuel engine capable of operating with both traditional MDO and LNG, will represent a major breakthrough.

5. High-speed LNG-fuelled RoPax Ferry.

A new passenger ferry being built for Swedish operator Rederi AB Gotland will be fuelled by LNG and will feature a Wärtsilä integrated solution. The integrated solution includes a complete LNG-powered propulsion and fuel storage and supply system, as well as comprehensive project services. This will be the first Swedish-flagged LNG-powered passenger vessel and the first LNG-fuelled high-speed RoPax ferry in the world. The vessel is being built at the Guangzhou Shipyard International yard in China and, when delivered, will sail between the Swedish mainland and the island of Gotland.

6. LNG-powered icebreaker.

A new icebreaker being built by Arctech Helsinki Shipyard for the Finnish Transport Agency will be powered by Wärtsilä dual-fuel engines capable of operating on both LNG and low-sulphur diesel fuel. When launched in late 2015, it will be the first LNG-powered icebreaker in the world.

Read the full article with Marine Insight’s commentary on the year’s most exciting new vessels at: http://www.marineinsight.com/marine/marine-news/headline/10-major-worlds-first-vessels-announced-2014/


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