Wärtsilä Corporation Annual report 2014

WeCare reporting has resulted in 3.342 actions being implemented around the world to improve safety, security and environmental protection in our operations.

WeCare – the next step towards zero

Safety is a priority for Wärtsilä, and for several years we have been moving steadily closer to our target of zero work-related injuries. We have made good progress during that time, typically managing a 20-25% reduction in incidents annually.

Maintaining this rate of improvement is particularly difficult, as the emphasis inevitably shifts from major risks to less easily perceived areas of potential improvement. To preserve the momentum, in 2014 we launched the WeCare initiative, a new and more comprehensive programme for accident, near miss and hazard reporting and analysis across the organisation.

WeCare represents a newly galvanised approach to the way we communicate about safety, both in terms of learning of incidents and the act of reporting itself. At the core of the programme is new reporting software, accessible by every employee, as well as detailed procedures governing discussion around hazards, incidents and their causes, and general accident prevention.

Analysis is also improved under the new system, with results viewable in the context of both location and business area, making trends more easily apparent.

Strong results already in evidence

WeCare’s implementation began at the beginning of 2014 and by the autumn all local rollouts had been completed. 2,800 Wärtsilä employees have already participated in the program, either as an observer, an investigator or as someone responsible for taking action. This is a superb result, as the main objective of WeCare is to engage employees and encourage them to act, report and care.

A total of 5,077 incidents were reported in 2014 using the new tools. 86% of them were near misses or observed hazards.

While many of the injuries reported may be relatively minor in terms of physical harm done, these do still represent a major inconvenience both to the individual(s) involved and to the company. For these reasons we take any safety-related incident very seriously indeed. After all, remedying a hazard that contributed to a minor injury may well prevent major incidents in the future.

As a result of WeCare reporting and investigation, 3,342 improvement actions have been implemented around the world to improve safety, security and environmental protection in our operations. Far from resting on our laurels, however, we continue to strive towards our ambitious goal of zero injuries.


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