Wärtsilä Corporation Annual report 2014

Services and sustainability

Environmental legislation and the need for energy efficiency are currently the main drivers for our customers’ actions towards developing their businesses in a more sustainable way. Wärtsilä Services strives to be a leader in supporting its customers’ efforts to meet and exceed current and future business and sustainability demands. Through continuous innovation, we will continue to provide shipping companies and energy providers with environmentally sound solutions well into the future. We conduct our business in a responsible way, and create added value by providing services from locations in close proximity to our customers and by offering employment opportunities in local communities.

Solutions for the marine and power industries

The essential role for Wärtsilä Services as regards sustainability is to provide a range of services that ensure reliable and optimised operational, environmental, and safety performance. The increasing availability of alternative liquid fuels and gas, together with stricter environmental requirements, creates opportunities for the Services business to improve the operational efficiency of customer installations, while at the same time reducing their environmental impact.

Our solutions enable the application of the latest technologies in power plants and ships that are already in operation, thereby allowing them to comply with new legislative requirements. A lifecycle optimised approach guides the creation of our solutions, which are developed in co-operation with the customer. The aim is to improve the economic and environmental performance of existing installations, and to ensure their safety and reliability throughout their operational life.

Energy efficiency and maintenance

We develop and provide services, such as upgrades, reconditioning, fuel conversions and retrofit solutions, that improve environmental performance, comply with stringent environmental legislation, and extend the operational lifetime of the application.

Good maintenance of equipment is a key factor in material effectiveness and energy efficiency. Wärtsilä’s proactive Dynamic Maintenance Planning programme includes the planning and scheduling of engine and propulsion maintenance based on online monitoring of the installed equipment’s mechanical condition and performance, and by using system efficiency data and other indicators. The data is collected and monitored daily, which enables fault sources to be identified before failure occurs.

For existing installations, a set of primary upgrading solutions are available, such as:

  • Engine, propulsion, or electrical & automation system efficiency upgrade packages that reduce fuel and/or lube-oil consumption, thereby contributing to lower emissions and the generation of economic benefits
  • Low NOx solutions that combine various engine modifications designed to find the ideal combination of compression ratio, injection timing and injection rate. The concept has been developed so as to achieve the best possible trade-off between NOx reduction and fuel consumption
  • The conversion of propeller shaft sealing systems to an anti-pollution version that eliminates the risk of water pollution
  • Diesel to gas conversions that considerably reduce emissions from the installation. The conversion of heavy fuel oil or marine diesel oil installations to operate on natural gas offers extended benefits.

For new and existing installations, secondary methods are available to integrate additional equipment contributing to emissions abatement. Wärtsilä Services provide unparallelled environmental solutions, as well as the field experts needed for their installation and commissioning.


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