Wärtsilä Corporation Annual report 2014

Ship Power Review

Wärtsilä Ship Power has a strong position in the marine and oil & gas industries. We provide optimised, environmentally sustainable, and economically sound solutions, which enhance the business of our customers. Our reputation is based on a good understanding of our customers’ businesses, our design capabilities, a broad product portfolio and technological leadership. Our organisation is structured into end to end business lines with full control over sales, R&D, engineering, procurement and manufacturing. This enables increased flexibility, fast decision-making, and the optimal utilisation of resources to provide superior customer service.

We serve both shipyards and ship owners

Ship Power’s marine customers comprise both shipyards and ship owners, and their needs and demands differ significantly. The decision-making process of shipyard customers is typically affected by product prices, delivery times and reliability, project management, ease of installation, and the supplier's ability to manage large delivery scopes. Ship owners, on the other hand, require safe and efficient operations, reliability and support, as well as the availability of services. Their decision-making is also impacted by freight rates, interest rates, and the capital and operating costs of the ship. Furthermore, both ship owners and operators are having to increasingly consider factors such as environmental compliance and fuel flexibility in their decision-making.

We are committed to meeting the needs of all our customer groups. We succeed through our in-depth understanding of their businesses, operating models and requirements, which is backed by our extensive network, broad product portfolio, and ability to be involved in the life of the vessel as early as the design process. This enables us to support our customers throughout the lifecycle of their installations with products and solutions that best serve their business interests.

Our offering is the broadest in the industry

Ship Power is active in all the main vessel segments with a wide range of products and solutions, and understands the particular needs and requirements related to each of them – from the initial vessel design choices to everyday operations throughout the vessel’s lifecycle. Our portfolio also covers gas systems for land-based installations, such as gas terminals. Innovative and competitive products, delivered efficiently and with high quality, form the basis of our offering, which consists of:

  • Medium-speed diesel and dual-fuel engines, low-speed engines sold through the Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. (WinGD) joint venture
  • Propulsion systems and gears
  • Seals and bearings
  • Automation systems
  • Communication and control systems
  • Power distribution and management systems
  • Environmental solutions, including exhaust gas cleaning, ballast water management and fresh water systems
  • Pumps and valves
  • Gas systems, including LNG and LPG handling, inert gas systems, compressors, liquefaction, regasification and equipment for small-to-medium scale onshore gas installations
  • Ship design

The ability to combine the products we offer into larger systems and solutions supports our strategy of being the main ship power supplier to our customers. This strategy provides added value to both our yard and ship owner customers. Shipyard customers can focus on their areas of expertise and benefit from reduced risks of product interface problems, while ship owners can rely on benefits related to operations and maintenance.

Segment Vessel type Main offering*


LNG carriers 4-st main dual-fuel engines, controllable pitch propellers (CPP), gearboxes, tunnel thrusters
Tankers, Containers, Bulkers 2-st engines sold through the WinGD joint venture, auxiliary engines, fixed pitch propellers (FPP), tunnel thrusters, 4-st engines for smaller vessels
Other: cargo, RoRo, car carriers, LPG carriers All of the above


Floating exploration: drillships, semi-submersibles, etc. 4-st engines, steerable thrusters, tunnel thrusters, vessel automation, electric power distribution, gearboxes
Floating production units: FPSO's, FSO, floating LNG, etc. 4-st engines, steerable thrusters, tunnel thrusters, CPP, vessel automation, electric power distribution, gearboxes
Service/Supply vessels: OSV's, PSV's, AHTS, AHS 4-st engines, steerable thrusters, tunnel thrusters, CPP, electrical propulsion, ship design, automation, gearboxes
Other: crane vessels, pipelayers, accommodation vessels All of the above
Cruise and Ferry

Cruise vessels 4-st engines, FPP, tunnel thrusters
Ferries 4-st engines, CPP, FPP, steerable thrusters, tunnel thrusters
Other: ro-pax, yachts All of the above
Special vessels

Tugs 4-st engines, FPP, steerable thrusters, tunnel thrusters, vessel automation, ship design
Dredgers 4-st engines, CPP, FPP, steerable thrusters, tunnel thrusters, vessel automation
Other: fishing vessels, ice breakers, research vessels, work boats, inland waterway vessels All of the above
Navy Frigates, corvettes, patrol vessels, aircraft carriers, destroyers, support vessels Waterjets, seals and bearings, tunnel thrusters, 4-st engines

* Excluding Wärtsilä Hamworthy's offering, which can be installed in nearly all ship types.

Growth through gas, environmental solutions and efficient vessels

Within the industry, Ship Power is uniquely positioned for growth driven by the increasing availability and use of gas as a marine fuel, the introduction of new environmental regulations, and the increased demand for more efficient vessels as a result of high fuel costs.

Stricter environmental regulations are driving the interest in gas as a marine fuel, as well as in emissions abatement technology, such as exhaust gas cleaning systems and ballast water treatment systems. Ship Power offers its customers alternative solutions for meeting these requirements in a way that best meets the needs of their business and operating model, both as part of new build projects and as retrofits to vessels already in operation.

Our market leading offering for the gas segment consists of gas fuelled engines, gas conversions, and gas handling systems. We have a strong position in exhaust gas cleaning systems, with the most extensive reference list on the market. Today, our portfolio of exhaust gas cleaning systems is the broadest in the industry and consists of closed loop systems for fresh water use, open loop systems for seawater use, and a combination of the two, i.e. the hybrid system. In ballast water treatment we offer our customers systems based on the two most common technologies; ultraviolet treatment and electro-chlorination.

High fuel prices have made efficiency one of the top concerns for ship owners and operators. Our in-depth expertise and system skills help to optimise the efficiency of vessels and make it possible for our customers to achieve the performance, cost, and environmental compliance parameters that specifically match their operating profile.


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