Wärtsilä Corporation Interim Report Q1 2015

Wärtsilä Interim report January-March 2015

This interim financial report is prepared in accordance with IAS 34 (Interim Financial Reporting) using the same accounting policies and methods of computation as in the annual financial statements for 2014. All figures in the accounts have been rounded and consequently the sum of individual figures can deviate from the presented sum figure.

Use of estimates

The preparation of the financial statements in accordance with IFRS requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect the valuation of the reported assets and liabilities and other information, such as contingent liabilities and the recognition of income and expenses in the statement of income. Although the estimates are based on the management’s best knowledge of current events and actions, actual results may differ from the estimates.

IFRS amendments

No new or updated IFRS standards will be adopted in 2015.

This interim report is unaudited.

First quarter comparison figures related to the statement of income have been restated due to the two-stroke business being classified as discontinued operations in September 2014.



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Make a note?


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