Wärtsilä Corporation Interim Report Q2 2015

Björn Rosengren, President and CEO

“Environmental awareness and changing energy needs are increasingly steering investments in the markets in which we operate. The industry dynamics are changing, and we have fine-tuned our strategy accordingly. We seek growth by offering innovative and energy efficient lifecycle solutions, as well as by leveraging our leading position in gas based technology. As we enter new market segments, such as Oil & Gas and LNG terminals, and acquire companies that bring new products to our portfolio, the scope of our offering becomes more than simply powering ships or building power plants. Therefore, we have decided to rename our Ship Power and Power Plants businesses Marine Solutions and Energy Solutions.

Supported by growth in service volumes and increased power plant deliveries, Wärtsilä’s second quarter net sales grew by 10% to EUR 1,230 million. I am especially pleased with the development of the Services business; the second quarter saw growth in both order intake and sales, and the market outlook remains positive. Profitability was 11.1% for the second quarter and 10.7% for the first half. In Energy Solutions, delayed decision-making in certain projects affected our order intake. However, our solid project pipeline gives me confidence in improved activity during the second half of the year. The marine markets continue to suffer from weak vessel demand caused primarily by overcapacity, depressed freight rates, and low oil prices. Marine Solutions’ order intake was on a good level despite the challenging market conditions. Still, we must ensure our future competitiveness in a low demand environment. Consequently, we have today announced plans to realign our Marine Solutions organisation.

Our guidance has been updated to reflect the acquisition of L-3 Marine Systems International, which was finalised at the end of May. We now expect net sales growth of 5-10% and profitability to be 12.0-12.5%.”


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