Monitoring is a process that assesses the quality of Wärtsilä's system of internal control and its performance over time. Monitoring within Wärtsilä is performed both on an ongoing basis, and through separate evaluations that include internal, external and quality audits. Business management is responsible for ensuring that all relevant laws and regulations are complied with in their respective responsibility areas. Wärtsilä's management in turn performs monitoring as part of its regular supervisory activities. The Audit Committee of the Board of Directors assesses and assures the adequacy and effectiveness of Wärtsilä's internal controls and risk management.

The Internal Audit function assists the Audit Committee in assessing and assuring the adequacy and effectiveness of Wärtsilä's internal controls and risk management by performing regular audits of Group legal entities and support functions according to its annual plan. Wärtsilä's external auditor and other assurance providers, such as quality auditors, conduct evaluations of Wärtsilä's internal controls. The Group Finance & Control function oversees the financial reporting processes and controls to ensure that they are being followed. It also monitors the correctness of all external and internal financial reporting. The Legal and Compliance function monitors adherence to the compliance policies of the group. The external auditors verify the correctness of the external annual financial reports.


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