Quick look: Governance


Wärtsilä's approach to corporate governance

Wärtsilä implements a single-tied governance model, in which the management of the Wärtsilä Group is the responsibility of the General Meeting of shareholders, the Board of Directors, and the President and CEO. Wärtsilä complies with all relevant guidelines and provisions.

“Emphasising good corporate governance ensures that Wärtsilä cultivates internal policies, processes, and procedures as well as sound risk management practices that support us in achieving our performance objectives.”

Kari Hietanen
Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations and Legal Affairs

Wärtsilä’s governance model



Changes in the management team

In August, Marco Ryan was appointed Chief Digital Officer, a new position to the Board of Management. Marco’s role is to help accelerate Wärtsilä’s digital journey by defining, developing and executing the company’s digital strategy, organisational blue print, and related digital governance.

Sustainability on the Board’s agenda

Wärtsilä’s commitment to sustainability is fully supported by its Board of Directors, who reviews significant sustainability related matters annually and receives reports regarding critical concerns on an ongoing basis.

Risk management

Wärtsilä's structured risk management process offers a set of reactive, proactive, protective, and preventive tools that are used not only to protect the company against threats, but also to turn some of the risks into opportunities.


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