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Wärtsilä on the capital markets

Wärtsilä's shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Large Cap list under the trading code WRT1V. At the end of 2016, Wärtsilä had approximately 39,200 shareholders and the total number of shares was 197,241,130. Foreign shareholding, including nominee-registered shares, represented 55% of the share capital.

“Our strengths lie in our technological leadership and in our Services business, which offsets the cyclicality of our end-markets and supports our target for faster than market profitable growth over the long term.”

Natalia Valtasaari
Director, Investor & Media Relations

Key figures

  2016 2015 2014
Earnings per share, EUR 1.79 2.25 1.76
Dividend per share, EUR 1.30 1.20 1.15
Dividend per earnings, % 72.6 53.3 65.4
Price per earnings (P/E) 23.8 18.8 21.1
Adjusted number of shares, year-end, x1 000 197 241 197 241 197 241
Share price, year-end, EUR 42.68 42.15 37.09
Market capitalisation, MEUR 8 418 8 314 7 315


Dividend per share

In line with growing practice, the dividend will be paid in two instalments, equally in March and September.

Dividend per earnings

Wärtsilä’s target is to pay a dividend of at least 50% of earnings per share over the cycle.

Share price

During 2016, the highest share price was EUR 43.44 and the lowest EUR 33.90. The volume weighted average price for the year was EUR 38.68.

Wärtsilä’s share price development in 2016



Dividend proposal

The Board of Directors proposes that a dividend of 1.30 euro per share be paid for the financial year 2016, an increase of 8%. The proposed dividend payment represents 73% of earnings per share.

Trading on Nasdaq Helsinki

The volume of trades on Nasdaq Helsinki was 98,870,222 shares, equivalent to a turnover of EUR 3,826 million. Wärtsilä’s market capitalisation at year-end was EUR 8,314 million.

Capital Markets Day 2016

Wärtsilä's Capital Markets Day, with the highest ever turnout, focused on how Wärtsilä’s unique business strengths enable us to capitalise on the opportunities in our markets.


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