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Data collection

The data on the products' environmental performance is based on measured test results. Performance data on the environmental and social aspects of sustainability has been collected from the Wärtsilä companies using a detailed questionnaire. Economic performance data is based mainly on audited financial accounts.

The sustainability data is collected and reported according to Wärtsilä's specific internal reporting guidelines that include all the definitions and instructions necessary for this purpose. Environmental expenditure and investments are reported applying the Eurostat instructions.

Each company has a nominated individual responsible for collection and consolidation of the data, and for its quality and reliability. The management of each company approves the data before it is consolidated at the Group level. The companies report their sustainability data using Wärtsilä's sustainability reporting system. The reported data is checked at both local and Group levels before its consolidation. The content of this Sustainability Report was reviewed and approved by Wärtsilä's Board of Management.

Report assurance

KPMG Oy Ab has independently assessed the report against GRI principles for defining content and quality. As part of the assurance process, KPMG assesses local level data management and processes, evaluates the relevance and reliability of the data reported to headquarters, and assesses whether the reporting guidelines of Wärtsilä are well understood and applied. This is achieved through conducting site visits and videoconferencing. Site visit was carried out in Trieste, Italy. Wärtsilä France, Wärtsilä SAM Electronics (Germany) and Wärtsilä Water Systems (UK) were assessed through videoconferencing.

Additional sources of information

Wärtsilä has previously published the following reports:

Wärtsilä Environmental Report 2000
Wärtsilä Sustainability Report 2002
Wärtsilä Sustainability Report 2004
Wärtsilä Sustainability Report 2005
Wärtsilä Annual Report 2006
Wärtsilä Annual Report 2007
Wärtsilä Annual Report 2008
Wärtsilä Annual Report 2009
Wärtsilä Annual Report 2010
Wärtsilä Annual Report 2011 
Wärtsilä Annual Report 2012
Wärtsilä Annual Report 2013
Wärtsilä Annual Report 2014
Wärtsilä Annual Report 2015

These reports and their sustainability data are available on Wärtsilä's website:

Sustainability Report Project Team

Marko Vainikka Director, Corporate Relations and Sustainability
(contact person:
Harri Mäkelä Sustainability Officer
Alina Pathan Manager, Corporate Relations
Natalia Valtasaari Director, Investor & Media Relations


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