Guiding principles

Wärtsilä Code of Conduct defines common rules for all our employees, and provides guidance on Wärtsilä’s approach to responsible business practices. Key areas of Wärtsilä Code of Conduct include: compliance with laws, transparency and continuous stakeholder dialogue, respect for human and labour rights, fair employment practices, anti-corruption, anti-fraud, and data privacy.

Wärtsilä takes an active approach to the application of the Code of Conduct and promotes its implementation through the effective communication of its contents to its employees. Wärtsilä monitors the application of the Code internally. Suppliers and business partners are an important and integral part of the total value chain of the products and services of Wärtsilä. They are expected to conduct their businesses in compliance with the same high legal and ethical standards and business practices as Wärtsilä. Wärtsilä also promotes the application of the Code of Conduct by monitoring the actions of its suppliers and business partners.


Group-wide policies complement the Code of Conduct and the commitment to maintain the highest legal and ethical standards in everything we do. Wärtsilä's Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy set principles for managing the environmental impacts of Wärtsilä’s products and services. Wärtsilä's corporate policy on equal opportunities and fair employment practices creates a common framework for employee practices in all Wärtsilä companies and covers the following issues: equal opportunities, human and labour rights, well-being at work, non-harassment, and remuneration. Wärtsilä's Corporate Manual includes also other policies, such as anti-corruption, compliance reporting, and Wärtsilä sourcing and purchasing policies, the purpose of which is to safeguard compliance with relevant legislation and provide more guidance on daily business conduct.

Voluntary commitments

Wärtsilä signed the UN Global Compact initiative in 2009. Wärtsilä supports the ten principles of the Global Compact with respect to human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. Wärtsilä is committed to align the strategy, culture, and day-to-day operations with the principles, and to engage in collaborative projects which advance sustainable development. Wärtsilä's Code of Conduct and sustainability programmes are the practical tools to progress the principles in our sphere of influence.

Wärtsilä participates in the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI). The initiative brings together some of the biggest companies in the maritime sector with the aim of creating a sustainable and successful shipping industry by 2040.

Wärtsilä participates in the Sustainable Marine Biofuel Initiative, the purpose of which is to accelerate the development of reliable combustion engines for sustainable, scalable, and affordable marine bio-fuels.

Wärtsilä has signed the Finnish Business and Society's (FIBS) Diversity Charter. Wärtsilä has also signed an agreement in 2008, whereby the Finnish industry voluntarily endeavours to use energy more efficiently. Wärtsilä North America Inc. has joined the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) agreement, signed in 2003.


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