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Wärtsilä Energy Solutions is a leading global system integrator offering ultra-flexible internal combustion engine based power plants and utility-scale solar PV power plants, as well as LNG terminals and distribution systems. Its flexible, efficient and environmentally advanced solutions provide superior value to customers and enable a transition to a more sustainable and modern energy system.

Wärtsilä serves three main customer segments

Wärtsilä’s three main customer segments are Utilities, Independent Power Producers (IPPs), and Industrial customers.

Utilities supply electricity and gas to residential, commercial, and industrial end users. They invest in gas infrastructure projects and various types of power plants to ensure adequate load coverage and the right palette of cost-effective and reliable products and services for their customers.

IPP’s are financial investors investing in the gas infrastructure, power plants, and in selling the generated power to utilities. Their investments are return driven, and as with utilities, their technical requirements are dependent on the type of application.

Industrial customers are mainly private companies with energy intensive production operations, such as cement or mining facilities. By investing in captive power, they can achieve lower energy costs and compensate for any grid reliability problems so as to ensure security of supply. Wärtsilä serves the top end of this customer group, i.e. large industries requiring a relatively high electrical load.

Focus on flexibility

Wärtsilä’s engine based power plants are used for a wide variety of applications. These include base load generation, capacity for grid stability, peaking and load-following generation, and back-up power for the integration of wind and solar energy.

Wärtsilä’s power plant solutions are tailored according to the specific requirements of its customers, utilising modular products and services. The delivery scope ranges from equipment deliveries to complete turnkey power plants, all of which are supported by Wärtsilä’s superior project management capabilities. Wärtsilä also provides financial services to help customers arrange financing and assemble complex projects, as well as a broad offering of services to support them through the lifecycle of their installations.

The fuel flexibility of Wärtsilä’s solutions enables the choice and utilisation of the most feasible fuels, including natural gas and many other gases, as well as most fuel oils. The customer can also choose to run their plant on multiple fuels.

The increasing level of renewable energy sources in many power systems has created a rapidly growing need for greater flexibility. Gas fuelled power plants are the most flexible and environmentally sound alternative for balancing the variability of these renewable sources. Smart Power Generation power plants provide the best means of support to the power system by offering the highest degree of flexibility, by enabling major savings, and by creating an optimised response to rapid changes in variable generation.

Growth through LNG, solar and system integration

The replacement of carbon-intensive energy sources with low carbon fuels, such as natural gas and renewable source solutions, presents Wärtsilä with many opportunities for growth.

As a forerunner in gas and multi-fuel engines, fuel systems, technology and services, Wärtsilä also participates in the global shift to gas with LNG infrastructure projects. The company provides a full range of project and lifecycle support services, from small and medium scale LNG liquefaction plants and terminals, to the delivery of complete Equipment, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects worldwide. Wärtsilä has the capability, in partnership with its customers, to develop the entire LNG value chain. When providing a complete turnkey solution, an LNG terminal can be integrated with a Smart Power Generation power plant, thereby utilising gas as fuel in places where gas was not earlier available.

Responding to customer interest in increasing the share of renewables within the energy mix, in early 2016 Wärtsilä became the first company in the world to offer utility-scale hybrid power plants that unite large fuel-based power stations with utility-scale solar PV power plants. Wärtsilä’s hybrid solutions are provided on an EPC basis, with solar PV modules sourced from leading module suppliers. Engine-solar hybrids are all about saving fuel, which results in lifecycle cost savings and environmental benefits. The two assets are optimised in such a way that solar energy is automatically utilised to the maximum, with the engines providing a secondary source of generation. The solar hybrid plant can be either a new build or retrofit project. For new build projects, the Smart Power Generation power plant and the adjacent solar asset are integrated and optimised, in terms of both the investment and lifecycle points of view. Thus, more customer value is provided as compared to building two separate power plants. In a retrofit project, solar modules are combined with an existing plant delivered by Wärtsilä.

Co-operating with leading energy storage software and integration service providers has enabled Wärtsilä to further strengthen its energy system integration capabilities. As a combined solution, Wärtsilä’s Smart Power Generation, solar PV and energy storage, together with its integration capabilities, decades-long experience in delivering complex turnkey engine power plants and a wide palette of services, will provide sustainable, reliable, and affordable power — particularly in countries and regions with isolated or weak electricity grids.


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