Wärtsilä’s manufacturing is focused mainly on the assembly, testing, and finishing of products and key strategic components. The company’s business model, which is strongly connected to a broad network of suppliers, guarantees flexibility in capacity. Being close to the customer is important, as is the focus on quality and the continuous emphasis placed on technology leadership in the company’s R&D activities.

Wärtsilä provides products and systems that are reliable, cost efficient, environmentally compatible, and technologically advanced. They are capable of being integrated into overall solutions or delivered as stand-alone equipment.

Manufacturing footprint

Wärtsilä’s manufacturing footprint is global and continuously optimised for competence, availability, customer presence, and efficiency. As structural changes continue in the end markets, the focus remains on strengthening the company’s presence in key markets, notably China. This enables better service to customers locally, and allows savings to be achieved in both production and transportation costs.

Wärtsilä currently has five joint ventures globally. In Korea, dual-fuel engines are manufactured for the LNG carrier markets in partnership with Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. In China, engines are produced for local markets in three joint ventures. The Wärtsilä Qiyao Diesel Company Ltd joint venture manufactures medium-speed auxiliary engines, while the Wärtsilä Yuchai Engine Co. Ltd joint venture manufactures medium-speed auxiliary and main engines. The CSSC Wärtsilä Engine Company Ltd began its manufacturing of medium and large bore medium-speed diesel and dual-fuel engines in December 2016. The Wärtsilä CME Zhenjiang Propeller Co. Ltd. joint venture, also located in China, produces fixed pitch and controllable pitch propellers.

Wärtsilä's global supplier network supports flexibility in manufacturing

Through close co-operation, excellent relations, and the sharing of information with suppliers, the supply of components and market-conform lead times are secured. Wärtsilä has approximately 1,100 suppliers globally. The sourcing strategy is to focus on carefully selected suppliers, with a strong emphasis on performance, innovation, and a presence close to Wärtsilä’s manufacturing units and joint ventures. The aim is to continuously develop and strengthen the company’s global supply chain with a strong emphasis on quality and cost competitiveness.



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