Services review

Wärtsilä Services supports its customers by offering the most comprehensive portfolio of services in the industry, thereby optimising operational and lifecycle performance. Wärtsilä Services offers expertise, local availability, responsiveness, and the most environmentally sound solutions for all customers. The Services offering builds strongly on digitalisation in order to utilise the opportunities created by real-time data and related analytics. Customers recognise Wärtsilä as being a reliable service partner; namely competitive, trusted, and easy to deal with.


The service offering

Wärtsilä Services develops close relationships with its customers, thus enabling an in-depth understanding of their business so as to extend the offering accordingly. Services provides complete support for its customers operating in the marine, energy and oil & gas industries, as well as a comprehensive package of seals, bearings, and associated solutions for hydropower installations and industrial plants worldwide. While this support is based primarily on equipment sold and designed by Wärtsilä, Wärtsilä Services has the capability to retrofit and service equipment by other brands as well, thereby offering customers the most comprehensive support.

A comprehensive knowledge of the customer’s business and operational challenges, combined with technical expertise, forms the basis for being able to offer different levels of support:

  • Spare parts for equipment, with an emphasis on excellent delivery performance and the availability of a broad range of parts
  • Full maintenance and performance monitoring, utilising both spare parts and services (field services, condition based maintenance, dynamic maintenance planning)
  • Optimising customers’ businesses via analytics, proactive recommendations, efficiency improvements (e.g. fuel cost savings), and shared performance targets for the operation and maintenance of their equipment
  • Guarantees of operational reliability, performance and uptime of customer assets.

Areas of expertise include:

Engine services

A full range of services for medium- and low-speed diesel, gas, dual- and multiple-fuel engines, and other related systems. The broad extent of the offering ranges from standard engine overhauls, to optimisation retrofits that improve the performance of mature engine designs.

Propulsion services

A complete range of services to maintain performance throughout the lifecycle of propulsion systems. Parts, repairs, maintenance, modernisation solutions, and efficiency upgrades are also provided in order to keep propulsion systems running powerfully and efficiently.

Seals & Bearings services

A wide range of sealing, bearing, and sterntube solutions in the form of integrated systems, packages, and products. These services provide marine and industrial customers with increased efficiency, reduced running costs, and operational longevity.

Hydro & Industrial services

The offering includes seals, bearings, and associated equipment for hydro and industrial installations (e.g. in mining, paper, and oil & gas), including hydropower, tidal power, and offshore wind installations. These are complemented with a comprehensive array of services, ranging from repairs and fabrications to underwater services, retrofits, component reconditioning, and refurbishments.

Environmental services

An extensive set of services aimed at improving efficiency and minimising emissions for energy and marine installations. These solutions include fuel conversions, low NOx solutions, and propulsion efficiency services. Furthermore, Wärtsilä’s field service organisation supports the marine retrofit market in the installation and commissioning of environmental solutions.

Lifecycle solutions

Wärtsilä Services’ lifecycle solutions offer measurable and guaranteed benefits in a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly way. These include improved availability and performance, productivity gains and cost benefits, as well as maximised installation life.

Wärtsilä tailors these lifecycle solutions to enable customers to choose from different levels of partnership agreements. Optimised maintenance solutions include provisions for regular inspections, monthly reporting, and exchange programmes for spare parts. Solutions for optimised operations focus on energy efficiency, real-time monitoring and advisory services, maximised uptime and performance improvement plans. Guaranteed asset performance solutions can cover complete operational, management, and maintenance services, as well as installation performance guarantees.

Service projects

Project management capabilities enable Wärtsilä to optimise the performance of its customers' installations through upgrades, modernisations, fuel conversions, and safety solutions.

Training services

Training services cover all aspects of management, operational, maintenance, and safety issues, and range from traditional hands-on training to advanced remote training systems and e-learning opportunities.


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