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Wärtsilä's prospects for 2017

As of 2017, Wärtsilä has changed its guidance policy to be consistent with general industry practice. Wärtsilä has discontinued providing numerical financial guidance on net sales and operating result developments. Instead, Wärtsilä's prospects statement is based on expectations regarding demand development in its markets. Wärtsilä will continue to provide certain financial information, including the order book for current year deliveries, as well as information on key matters that may affect profitability.

The overall demand for Wärtsilä’s services and solutions in 2017 is expected to be relatively unchanged from the previous year. Demand by business area is anticipated to develop as follows: 

  • Solid in Services with growth opportunities in selected regions and segments.
  • Solid in Energy Solutions, thanks to growth in electricity demand in the emerging markets and the global shift towards renewable energy sources, which will support the need for distributed, flexible, gas fired power generation.
  • Soft in Marine Solutions. Although the outlook for the cruise and ferry segment is positive, the merchant, gas carrier, and offshore segments continue to suffer from overcapacity, slow trade growth and customers’ financial constraints.

Wärtsilä’s current order book for 2017 deliveries is EUR 3,143 million (3,097), which mainly comprises Marine Solutions and Energy Solutions’ deliveries. Wärtsilä will continue to focus on improving efficiency, which is expected to partially offset lower volumes in the marine markets. The pricing environment in Energy Solutions’ markets has stabilised, but the order book is still impacted by the competitive pressure seen in previous years. The good performance in Services is expected to continue.


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