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Wärtsilä’s purpose is to enable sustainable societies with smart technology. The demand for clean and flexible energy and the need for efficient and safe transportation are increasingly affecting the way that customers operate. This forms the basis for Wärtsilä’s offering of smart solutions to the marine and energy markets. With an integrated portfolio of services, systems and products, the company is well positioned to respond to the demand for energy efficient and innovative solutions. The emphasis is placed on optimising installation performance throughout the lifecycle, using data analytics and artificial intelligence to support customers’ business decisions. Wärtsilä’s digital transformation will provide increased customer value through a new era of collaboration and knowledge sharing. A strong presence in key markets and a superior global service network support the company’s profitable growth ambitions.

With its flexible production and supply chain management, Wärtsilä constantly seeks new ways to maintain high quality and cost efficiency – often in co-operation with customers and leading industrial partners. The investments in R&D and the focus on digitalisation create a strong foundation for securing and strengthening a position at the forefront of market innovation. This innovative culture, together with a constant emphasis on safety, diversity, and high ethical standards, attracts skilled and committed people and creates the basis for a high performing organisation. The implementation of operational excellence ensures that Wärtsilä is easy to do business with, and drives increased productivity and efficiency throughout the lifecycle.

Smart energy

Wärtsilä’s objective is for customers to recognise the company as the leading energy systems integrator, providing all the essential technologies, services, and solutions for sustainable and reliable power systems.

The energy landscape is experiencing a paradigm shift, thus creating a more complex operating environment for the industry. The world is moving from traditional baseload generation to renewable energy, while storage technology is disrupting old design principles and the importance of gas is increasing. Simultaneously, the role of consumers in energy production is increasing. Digitalisation brings new opportunities for predicting consumption and maintenance needs and can deliver improved competitiveness.

Wärtsilä is at the very core of future energy systems. The company’s engine power generation solutions provide a unique combination of energy efficiency, and both fuel and operational flexibility. Wärtsilä supports the continued development of the gas infrastructure with small and medium size LNG terminals and liquefaction solutions. Responding to the increasing use of renewable power sources, the company seeks growth by offering solar PV power plants, energy storage solutions, and advanced integration software. The aim is to continuously develop optimal and environmentally sound solutions for customers by focusing on Wärtsilä’s core competences; market and system understanding, EPC capabilities, systems integration, and lifecycle optimisation.

Smart marine

Wärtsilä’s aim is to lead the industry’s transformation towards a Smart Marine Ecosystem. Building on the sound foundation of being a leading provider of innovative products, integrated solutions, and lifecycle services to the marine and oil & gas industries, Wärtsilä aims to unlock new customer values through connectivity, digitalisation and smart technology.

The marine industry is moving towards a future that is increasingly connected. The opportunities offered through smart technology will foster a new era of collaboration and knowledge sharing with customers, suppliers, and partners. Industry players are faced with major sources of inefficiency that impose a significant negative impact on business operations and profitability, the three most notable being overcapacity, inadequate port-to-port fuel efficiency, and time wasted waiting when entering ports and other high traffic areas. Eliminating these inefficiencies forms the basis of the Wärtsilä marine strategy towards ecosystem thinking. Wärtsilä sees four primary forces that will re-shape the industry. Shared capacity will improve fill rates and reduce unit costs; big data analytics will optimise both operations and energy management; intelligent vessels will enable automated and optimised processes; and smart ports will result in smoother and faster port operations.

Wärtsilä is ideally positioned, together with its customers and partners, for positive disruptive development and to lead the transformation into a new era of shipping. Building on Wärtsilä’s broad portfolio of products, systems, solutions, and lifecycle services, and its vast installed base and industry know-how, the company will continue to develop the smart technologies, business models, and competences needed to create a Smart Marine Ecosystem.

By applying smart technology and performance optimisation services, Wärtsilä aims to deliver greater efficiencies, minimised climate impact and a higher safety to the shipping industry, leading to more sustainable, safe and profitable operations for ship owners and operators around the world. The ultimate goal is to enable sustainable societies with smart technologies.


Wärtsilä's aim is to meet shareholder expectations and contribute toward the well-being of society. This requires efficient, profitable, and competitive company operations. Good economic performance establishes a platform for the other aspects of sustainability – environmental and social responsibility.

Wärtsilä's overriding promise is to supply technologies and services that offer high efficiency with low environmental load. Our objective is to continuously improve the environmental performance of our products and services taking into account the lifecycle perspective, as well as to maintain technological leadership through R&D and by utilising new technologies and collaborating with our customers and other stakeholder groups. In doing this, we help our customers and society at large to meet the goals of the tightening global environmental regulations and guidelines.

Wärtsilä acts as a good corporate citizen wherever we are active. Our business operations and relations with our stakeholders are governed by our Code of Conduct. Wärtsilä is a responsible employer, and we seek to offer our employees an interesting and exciting workplace where openness, respect, trust, equal opportunities, and scope for personal development prevail. A further aim is to offer a hazard-free working environment to our employees and contractors, and to minimise the health and safety risks associated with the use of our products and services. Supply chain management and development are integral elements of our operations.




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