Research and development, product launches

During the third quarter, Wärtsilä successfully tested its automatic wireless induction charging system on a hybrid powered coastal ferry, owned by Norled, one of Norway’s largest ferry operators. This is the first commercial ferry in the world operating with high power wireless charging capability for its batteries, and the project represents a breakthrough in the evolution of plug-in electrically operated vessels.

In August, Wärtsilä took a further step towards developing its Smart Marine capabilities by successfully testing the remote control of ship operations. The testing, which involved driving a vessel through a sequence of manoeuvres using a combination of dynamic positioning and manual joystick control, was carried out off the North Sea coast of Scotland in collaboration with the U.S. based operator Gulfmark Offshore. The remote control navigating took place from the Wärtsilä office in San Diego, California, using standard bandwidth onboard satellite communication.

In September, Wärtsilä introduced the Wärtsilä HYTug series, a new portfolio of tug designs with the emphasis on environmental sustainability. The recently introduced Wärtsilä HY hybrid propulsion solution forms the basis of the new designs, the benefits of which include the flexibility and efficiency provided by the technology.


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