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Sustainability management


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Wärtsilä's sustainability is systematically managed through the Group-wide guiding principles and management systems and practices in place for material sustainability aspects and impacts. Wärtsilä’s global guiding principles together with the company’s values ensure a harmonised way of working towards sustainable development. Wärtsilä’s Corporate Manual includes a description of the company's operating procedures, responsibilities, and the management system structure that are applicable for the entire company. Wärtsilä's governance and risk management principles are described in the Governance section.

The key elements of Wärtsilä's sustainability management are described in the table below. The guiding principles lay the foundations for uniform management practices. The management approach covers procedures, processes, and systems to manage and monitor material aspects.

Guiding principles

Management area

Material aspect




People management

Personnel skills and development

Wärtsilä Corporate Sustainability targets

Code of Conduct

Product design principles

Environmental impacts of Wärtsilä’s products and services

Locally defined targets

QEHS Policy

Environmental management

Occupational health and safety


Policy on human rights, equal opportunities and fair employment practices

Occupational health and safety management

Compliance with laws and regulations


Corporate Manual

Responsible business conduct

Anti-corruption and -bribery


Other policies and guidelines

Supply chain management

Economic impacts to stakeholders



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