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Wärtsilä Marine Business


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Wärtsilä has a strong position in the marine and oil & gas industries. By providing solutions and services that are optimised, and environmentally and economically sound, we enhance the viability and profitability of maritime operations and enable the development of sustainable societies. Our reputation is based on an in-depth understanding of our customers’ businesses, technological leadership, a broad product portfolio, and the industry’s most extensive service network.

Serving ship owners, shipyards and ship management companies

Wärtsilä’s marine customer base covers all the main segments, including traditional merchant vessels, gas carriers, cruise & ferry, navy, and special vessels. In the oil & gas industry, we are active in serving offshore installations and related industry vessels, as well as land-based gas installations. 

Our customers comprise ship owners, shipyards and ship management companies; the needs and demands of which differ significantly. Ship owners require safe and efficient operations, reliability and support, as well as the availability of services. Their decision-making is also impacted by freight rates, interest rates, and the capital and operating costs of the ship. Both ship owners and operators are increasingly taking other factors, such as environmental compliance and fuel flexibility, into consideration in their decision-making. Ship management companies provide ship owners and operators with technical management and the maintenance of ships. Among other things, they also provide the crews and take care of commercial operations on behalf of the owner or operator. The decision-making process of shipyard customers is typically affected by product prices, delivery times and reliability, project management, ease of installation, and the supplier’s ability to manage large delivery scopes.

We are committed to meeting the needs of these customer groups. Success is achieved through a comprehensive understanding of their businesses, operating models, and requirements. This understanding, backed by our portfolio and service strengths, enables us to support our customers throughout the lifecycle of their installations with products and solutions that best serve their business interests.

Our offering is the broadest in the industry

Wärtsilä’s market presence, combined with the broadest offering in the industry, enables us to understand the particular needs and requirements related to each of these segments – from initial vessel design choices to everyday operations throughout the vessel’s lifecycle. We provide innovative and competitive products and solutions, delivered efficiently and with high quality.



Through the use of digitalisation and greater connectivity, and by applying smart technology and performance optimisation services, we create greater efficiencies, a minimised environmental impact, and enhanced safety to the shipping industry. In so doing, we enable more sustainable, safe, and profitable operations for ship owners and operators around the world.

Market drivers

In the marine markets, the main drivers for Wärtsilä are:

  • Developments in the global economy and their impact on world trade
  • Fuel prices and availability
  • Environmental compliance
  • Technological developments and innovations

The global demand for new vessels in the shipbuilding and shipping industries is mainly driven by developments within the global economy, and the resulting impact on trade and transportation capacity requirements. The global economy also influences fuel prices, which in turn have both a direct and an indirect impact on the marine and oil & gas industries. Price, availability, and demand are the driving factors in the oil & gas industry, while in the general shipping industry, high fuel costs increase the demand for equipment upgrades, the rethinking of operational profiles, and for more efficient vessel designs. Other factors, such as shipyard capacity, newbuild prices, decommissioning and scrapping, as well as interest and freight rates, also affect these industries.

Another important driver is the increasing stringency of environmental regulations and their impact on the demand for optimised vessel efficiency, environmental solutions, and gas as a marine fuel.  Our in-depth expertise and system skills make it possible for customers to respond to these demands, and to achieve the performance, cost, and environmental compliance parameters that specifically match their operating profile.

Technological developments and innovations act as an enabler for the marine industry to become more efficient, sustainable, and safe by advancing fleet design, system solutions and operations. Being a main source of differentiation, and a competitive edge provider for owners and operators, they also drive the markets. By partnering with customers, regulators, universities and various other key stakeholders, we are well-positioned to deliver solutions and services that support the specific interests of our customers.

Competitive landscape and market position

Wärtsilä’s field of competitors is extensive due to the broad offering portfolio and global market presence. It includes a variety of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), including engine companies such as MAN Energy Solutions, Caterpillar and HiMSEN, propeller makers such as Schottel and Thrustmaster, and environmental and auxiliary equipment providers like Alfa Laval. Our competitors also include electrical and automation houses, notably Siemens, GE, ABB and Kongsberg, gas system providers, such as TGE Marine, and companies with a broad range of offerings such as Rolls-Royce. In the service market, the main source of competition is from independent service companies operating globally, and local players with a limited offering scope, such as parts traders, repair yards, local workshops, component suppliers for spare parts (non-OEM), and field service businesses. Wärtsilä is recognised as a proven supplier of innovative and sustainable technologies across its portfolio serving the marine and oil & gas markets.

Our extensive offering, experience, and service network gives us a competitive advantage, and a solid foundation for supporting new and existing customers in improving their performance, safety and sustainability.

Wärtsilä’s strengths:

  • Strong presence in all major marine and offshore oil & gas segments
  • The broadest portfolio of reliable and high performing products, systems, and solutions in the industry
  • Fuel efficient solutions that are compliant with the strictest environmental requirements
  • The ability to deliver cost efficiencies and to unlock new revenue streams through integration, digitalisation and interconnectivity
  • A complete lifecycle service offering supported by an unmatched global service network and technical support
  • The capability to deliver operational and asset performance optimisation globally


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