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Wärtsilä's prospects

The demand for Wärtsilä’s services and solutions in the coming 12 months is expected to be somewhat below that of the previous 12 months. Demand by business area is anticipated to be as follows:

  • Soft in Wärtsilä Marine Business, due to lower vessel contracting volumes and a decline in the demand for scrubber solutions from last year’s exceptionally high level. Activity in the marine services market is expected to be stable.
  • Weak in Wärtsilä Energy Business (downgraded from soft). Market conditions in the energy industry are challenging, as the rapidly changing energy landscape is creating uncertainty among customers. The geopolitical and economic environment is further slowing decision-making. The demand for energy services is expected to be stable.        

Wärtsilä’s current order book for 2019 deliveries is EUR 1,708 million (1,364), comprised mainly of equipment deliveries. The comparable operating result for the full year 2019 is expected to be approximately EUR 100 million lower than in the previous year (EUR 577 million in 2018).


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